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Residential • Commercial • Industrial • Farm


outletsWith our past experience in the field we will be able to provide you with complete electrical installations and service for commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural. We can assist in electrical design and consulting by working closely with design and engineering firms to take your next project from conception to completion. We take our work very seriously and strive to provide our customers with prompt professional service.

24/7 Service - Lumen Electric, LLC strives to maintain our customers electrical needs with experienced service technicians on call anytime of the day or night.

  • New Construction - Residence, Garage, Business or Shop
  • Additions
  • Remodel Projects
  • Site/Security Lighting - Pole or Building Mount
  • Troubleshooting
  • Underground Cable/Wire Locating and Faultfinding
  • New Services/Upgrades - Overhead or Underground, Fuses to Breakers
  • Emergency Backup Systems - Generator Fed Panel for Critical Loads
  • Audio - Surround Sound w/ Volume Control
  • Data - Telecommunication and Video Installation
  • Design - Lighting, Power or Control Specific to Owners Needs
  • Underground/Trenching - Underground Installation, Locating & Fault Finding
  • General Electrical Maintenance/Updates


Energy Analysis

Your household or business energy consumption can be managed and reduced by taking simple steps, which will result in monthly savings and money in your pocket. My service of a home or business energy assessment will provide you with information on which appliances are consuming the most energy. Recommendations will be given on how to reduce energy consumption and save you money!

Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Solar (photovoltaic) energy is a great renewable resource, it porvides you with a free and reliable power source. After you have had an electrical energy analysis performed and you've taken steps to make your property more energy efficient, you may be ready to look into a solar electric installation.

The next step will be a solar site assessment that will determine load analysis and critical loads which the solar system would need to support. Once completed you will be given various solar options that will fullfill your electrical needs.

Emergency Back-Up Systems

Don't be left in the dark by one of Mother Natures displays of power. Whether it be your main residence or vacation home, you should always be prepared in case of an emergency. A whole house generator can maintain all of your homes electrical needs and wants without a disturbance in the case of a utility power failure. With an automatic transfer switch installed the generator will start up and provide power for your residence whether you are home or away. The generator is efficiently fueled by LP gas allowing it to operate for long periods of time with little fuel consumption, giving you piece of mind that your home won't freeze up or your freezer items won't spoil.

We also install a smaller back-up system with a manual transfer switch and four critical load circuits which are powered by a portable generator that plugs into a specific outdoor receptacle. This system is also effective as long as someone is present to operate it in the case of a utility power failure.

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